Firewater Energy & Electrolytes

          Firewater Electrolytes
  • Energy and Electrolytes for exhibition swine, cattle, sheep, and goats
  • Contains amino acids, electroloyes and dextrose that is beneficial during times of stress - showing and shipping
  • Acts as an energy source
  • Replaces lost nutrients during the rehydration precess
  • Suitable for swine, goats, sheep, and cattle

  Firewater contains a blend of electrolytes, amino acids, and dextrose that is beneficial 
  during showing and shipping.  It is an energy source and replaces lost nutrients during
  the hydration process to obtain a fresh look. 

 Follow Recommended Directions
For sheep, swine, and goats, add 6 oz of Firewater to 18 oz of water; for cattle add 12 oz.
  to 64 oz. of water.

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